How To Save Money When Buying Books

Hello everyone. It seems like a very long time since I have done a post that is not a review. I just have way too many arcs to get through, so I decided I was going to focus on those books for the first half of the year. Hopefully, I can soon make more posts like this one.

Today’s post is one I have been wanting to make for a while. I will be talking about ways in which I have been able to save money when purchasing books. Let’s face it, books are expensive. Many people, myself include, cannot buy all of the books we are interested in if we pay full price. I have had to find routes that allow me to get at least a good number of the books I want without having to spend a fortune.

A lot of things I am going to mention will only apply to UK readers as I am one myself, but there are some points that readers of every country will be able to benefit from.

My Tips

  • Buy second-hand books: This is an obvious one. Purchasing used books – either from online retailers or charity shops – will cost you significantly less amount of money than purchasing a brand new book. Most of the books I own I’ve bought from charity shops. I’ve been lucky enough to often find books in new to excellent condition, you wouldn’t be able to tell a lot of the books I own are second hand!
  • Use the Library: If you have library near you, I’d urge you to make use of it. I personally have this rule that I will borrow any book that I think I’ll either only ever read once, or, am not sure whether I’ll enjoy. It’ll not only save you money, but space too! If you don’t have a library close to you, see if you’ve got family or friends who read, and if they are willing to lend you their copy of a book you want to read, take advantage of it.
  • Sign up to Bookbub: Bookbub is an online website which send you daily emails about ebooks that are on highly discounted prices for the day. I’m talking prices like £1.99, £0.99 and some for no cost at all! You’d be surprised at how many bestseller titles go on sale. Most of my ebooks on my kindle were purchased because of this website.
  • Make wish-lists on Book Depository/Wordery: If you live in a country that these online stores ship to and you add titles of books you are looking to purchase on wish-list, you get sent an email if a particular book on that list goes on sale. This is great because you are notified immediately so that you don’t miss out on a great deal!
  • 6 for £10 Fiction deal on TheWorks: This UK store has a large selection of paperbacks, which are frequently updated, for only £2 each. However, buying six means you get the last one free.
  • 3 for £10 Paperbacks deal on Amazon: This is a very similar deal to TheWorks, however, Amazon tends to have a larger selection of recent releases. There is also no need to have Amazon Prime or pay for delivery as shipping is free for book orders of £10 or more.
  • Check out titles on the WHSmith website: If you’re a reader in the UK and want to purchase a (new) certain book, I’d highly suggest checking out the title on their website before you look at Amazon or Waterstones. I say this because so many of the books I have been interested in buying are discounted on their site. A lot of their paperbacks are £5.59 which is much cheaper when you compare to the typical full price of £7.99/£8.99.
  • Sign up to Netgalley: This is a fantastic way to read a lot for no money at all if you are a reviewer. All you have to do is request a title, and review it if you’re approved. I often request titles I have semi-interested in, but might never purchase. You’d be surprised at how many of those titles have become my favourites.

Do you have any tips you use to save money when buying books? I’d love for you to comment them below!